LinkedIn Remote

Remote Work: The New Normal

LinkedIn, the professional job search platform, recently announced some updates concerning job search filters.

For the past few years, the Covid-19 pandemic incredibly changed everyone’s life. The pandemic changed the way we work, learn, and interact. Many business owners shifted to remote jobs instead of office jobs as they found out that working from home reduces expenses on them and their employees.

To help job seekers find more opportunities that match their workplace preferences, LinkedIn added some options to search only for remote, hybrid, or in-person jobs.

Remote jobs are like a double-edged sword. Although they may affect a person’s mental health, they connect people from all around the world.

However, remote jobs are now the new normal. Even though people complain about the never-ending screen time, they ignore that remote jobs increase productivity and allow people to manage their time.

Searching for jobs has become easier with the new features added by LinkedIn. Any job seeker can now search for employment according to their preferences. You can now access jobs worldwide while working at home at your own pace and saving time and money.

In a post-covid era, where remote work is in high demand, companies shall seriously consider strategic transformation initiatives and embrace the remote working culture. It all starts with a solid digital transformation strategy.

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