Personal Balance Sheet

Personal investment portfolio's performance management

Personal Balance Sheet

Personal investment portfolio's performance management

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Investment portfolio performance reports give investors the information they need to make well-informed investment decisions.
The best performance reports provide up-to-date information about different asset classes’ performance in a consistent, accessible, and understandable manner.
Yemnak is pleased to present its client with its new comprehensive investment performance analysis reporting service.
Keeping up with your assets’ situation and how they perform is a responsible financial practice. In particular:
  • It allows you to work on current plans and helps you understand your financial capabilities.
  • It allows optimal investment allocation and corrects asset allocation giving your portfolio the potential to optimize its growth. This technique reduces the risk of having sharp financial losses.
Set strategies to invest in a balanced portfolio rather than reactive or opportunity-driven investments that may place your personal balance sheet at an unwanted risk.
Dashboard and report will be personalized as per the client’s preferences.
Investment Portfolio’s strategy will be set as per the client’s risk appetite.
Private equity includes all direct investments in privately held companies.

Analysis and Recommendation

Portfolio management is important because it covers a certain amount of risk through diversification and shuffles funds among different assets according to the returns they are generating. It also helps in planning regarding several constraints. At Yemnak we review your portfolio performance and draw conclusions. Our team will provide you with recommendations to optimize the diversification of your portfolio and maximize your risk/ return trade-off.

Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

Providing investment consultancy to individuals requires addressing various priorities and concerns and managing the absolute bottom line of investment performance. The investment strategy must be considered in the context of the client’s overall objectives, risk tolerance, and preferences. Yemnak will be pleased to prepare an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that serves as a strategic guide to the planning and implementation of the client’s investment program. When implemented successfully, the IPS anticipates issues related to planning for appropriate asset allocation, monitoring the results, risk management, and appropriate reporting. The IPS is a highly customized document uniquely tailored to each investor's preferences, attitudes, and situations. Yemnak will thoroughly understand the investor’s objectives, restrictions, tolerances, and preferences to develop a handy policy guide.