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Case : Potential acquisition of a facility management company

Problem : quantifying the potential benefits

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Detailed financial assessment

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Quick due diligence results:

An investor had identified a facility management company as a potential acquisition target, but needed to quantify the potential benefits. Yemnak performed due diligence to help the client move quickly and complete the acquisition. Within one year of the acquisition, the company was back to generate profits.

Our Approach:

Yemnak focused on three key areas to quickly determine the economic value to the investor of purchasing Facilityco*. Yemnak investigated
market potential, prepared a detailed financial assessment of the company’s current performance, and prepared a thorough analysis of the
company’s operations.

Our Recommendations:

The financial and operational analysis showed that the investor and through a correct strategy and organizational changes could still
significantly improve the operating performance of the losing company.


Thanks to Yemnak’s quick due diligence, the investor secured a loan and completed the acquisition. Within one year, and under the supervision of
Yemnak who has drafted and implemented the turnover strategy, the company recorded profits and showed a double digit EBITDA growth in
the next two years, exceeding the investor expectations.

Note that Facilityco is a made up name, while results are real
we preserve the confidentiality of our clients.

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